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Italian Furniture Pretoria

When talking about modern furniture design, we cannot go past the huge importance of Italy and Italian high profile furniture design that has an impact on the entire world’s furniture trends and production. Italy has an immense artistic value when it comes to arts and design and luckily, we are able to find great quality high profile Italian furniture designs also in South Africa, where they are as popular as anywhere else in the world. Therefore, in our article, we would like to reflect on the best stores which you can get to find in Pretoria and Gauteng region, offering great quality Italian furniture.

Italy acts as the home country of modern and ultramodern furniture design in the past 10-15 years. It has the biggest effect on the trends and it acts as a trendsetter on an international level. Italy hosts most of the biggest furniture design fairs and exhibitions and has an extremely large furniture production industry. Italy also acts as the Nr. 1 global exporter of its design furniture. Let us see where we can find Italian furniture for our homes, when we want to find Italian furniture in Pretoria and Gauteng.

Eurocasa: Eurocasa is one of the largest South Africa manufacturers of Italian furniture providing an extensive range of furniture for every room, with exception only to bathrooms and kids rooms. Eurocasa is one of the very few furniture companies that also offer kitchen furniture in its collection. If you want an overly trendy and contemporary home, then Eurocasa should be the first place for you to check out in South Africa. Find the closes showroom to Pretoria located in Johannesburg.

B.Italian Furniture: This is an exclusive retailer of Italian furniture comprising of over 10 Italian furniture brands. The company deals with premiere quality and luxury design Italian furniture. The collection of B. Italian is extensive and if you cannot find something in their showroom, you can get to order it straight from Italy. B.Italian provides luxurious furniture for living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. B.Italian also has great office furniture and outdoor furniture available. They also offer great quality mattresses. B.Italian has its showroom located in Illovo, Pretoria.

Maldini: Maldini is one of the biggest retailers of famous Italian furniture brands, which include Porada, Il Loft, Uffix, Tonon among others. When you visit their website, you can get to see the collections of each company separately and you have a great chance to buy or order first class Italian furniture and accessories from here. Maldini has all rooms of a home on its portfolio and certainly a must-visit place if you want a real Italian home. Check out Maldini’s showroom in Sandton, outer Johannesburg.

As you can see, Italian furniture has a large fan base also in South Africa and there are plenty of places for you to check out on the latest furniture trends in Italy. Pretoria and Johannesburg is especially lucky when it comes to high quality furniture stores and we definitely suggest you to pay a visit in these stores for great quality Italian furniture.